Attention, please: Millie Bobby Brown might be in the next “Narnia” movie

It’s been more than seven years since The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader hit theaters, but another Narnia film is finally on the way — and it appears Millie Bobby Brown could play the lead.

TriStar Pictures and Entertainment One have reportedly offered the Stranger Things star the leading role of Jill Pole in The Silver Chair, the fourth novel in the famed C.S. Lewis series.

The film would not only serve as the fourth in the long-running Narnia franchise (which were popular but never quite took off in the way contemporaries Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter did, just saying) but would also be a reboot of sorts. The Silver Chair follows Jill and classmate Eustace Scrubb — who was introduced as the Pevensies’ younger cousin in Voyage of the Dawn Treader — on an adventure in Narnia after Aslan sends them on a mission to find King Caspian’s son and heir to the throne, Prince Rilian.

While it’s unknown whether Brown has officially signed on for the project or simply remains the studios’ top choice, we *definitely* understand the appeal for one of the most sought-after teen stars. Plus she seems like the perfect choice to play Jill.

Additionally, not too much is known about the upcoming film, which has been developing very slowly over the last few films, but Captain AmericaThe First Avenger‘s Joe Johnston is currently attached to direct the film. It also seems unlikely that Will Poulter — who played the Eustace in the 2010 Voyage of the Dawn Treader adaptation — will return for the film but fingers’ crossed that Liam Neeson will make another appearance as the voice of Aslan.

Whether Brown’s casting is *this* close to being official or just another bit of wishful thinking, we’re definitely interested in learning more about this rebooted Narnia franchise.