This study about narcissists just confirmed a secret truth about dating

While confidence is key when stepping into the murky waters of dating, a new study published by the University of Graz in Austria found that too much confidence doesn’t hurt either. During a controlled speed-dating exercise, researchers found that those who exhibited narcissistic traits were viewed more favorably by their dates when it came to romantic viability.

Through social media, researchers gathered 90 participants for 691 dates spread out over three speed-dating sessions. First, participants took surveys to determine their sexual orientation, their Big Five personality traits, and whether they had “dark triad” traits (Machiavellianism, which is the willingness to manipulate people; psychopathy, which is the inability to relate to others’ interior states; and narcissism). They also were given photos of other participants to rate their physical attractiveness. Then, the speed-dating commenced.


After each three-minute date, participants rated their possible partners on several scales: how much they wanted to be friends, how much they wanted to pursue a short-term relationship, and how much they wanted to pursue a long-term relationship. Then, they had to mark if they were interested in seeing that person again. Overwhelmingly, both men and women who exhibited narcissism were more likely to be seen as potential long-term partners. There was a similar correlation for those who were extroverted and rated highly for their appearance.

This is likely explained by the fact that narcissistic people likely take more care over their appearance, just because that’s kind of what narcissism is. It also makes sense that they’re more extroverted because they’re more confident in the things they say and do.

While this news may be kind of depressing, since narcissism isn’t often a quality people think highly of, it does actually make the solution to dating a little clearer: The next time you’re getting ready for a date, just go in and strut your stuff. If it doesn’t work out, who cares? You already know you’re great.


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