What people who take naps truly understand about life

Life has taught me many things, but perhaps one of the most important lessons is this: naps are amazing. That feeling you get when you cuddle up under the covers during that mid-afternoon slump? Unffffff.

But being able to nap well is a skill—an art-form, if you will. And if you’re part of the napping community, you know some truths to be self-evident. Here are all of the very important things all nappers can relate to.

The weirdness of falling asleep when it’s light and waking up when it’s dark

If you’ve ever fallen asleep when it’s still daytime and then woken up in total darkness, you know it’s probably the most disorienting thing that can possibly happen. How long were you asleep? Did you fall asleep for two hours, or for two days? Wait, what month is it?

The true meaning of “five more minutes”

You take a nap and set your alarm for a reasonable time (you’ve got stuff to do, after all). But when your alarm goes off, you hit “snooze” so you can sleep for another five minutes. It’s only five minutes, right? But for some reason, every single time, you forget that five minutes in normal time is actually more like five seconds in sleep time, and you keep hitting snooze until another hour passes. Whatever—clearly you needed the sleep anyway.

That amazing feeling when you wake up totally refreshed. . .

You feel really lethargic, so you decide to just take a quick cat-nap. Twenty cozy minutes later, BAM! You wake up somehow feeling absolutely amazing, like you can conquer the world. Man, naps rock.

. . . .and that bizarre feeling when you totally don’t

Taking one of those long, dead-to-the-world naps—especially if they’re chock-full of weird dreams—is one of the strangest experiences ever. You wake up forgetting where you are for a second, there’s a print on your face from where you rested it on your bracelet-covered wrist, and you feel like you need to take an equally long shower to wash the sleepiness off.

Worth it.

Being awake at random times of the night because you napped so much

Your excellent napping skills make you the ultimate night owl. You’re up at 2AM getting your finest work done—or Netflixing, whatever—because you napped too much that day. That’s OK, though, because the house is strangely peaceful when you have it all to yourself.

The world is loud

If you’re a serial napper, you really start to notice how loud the world is in general. When you’re under the covers at three in the afternoon trying to catch some Z’s, it suddenly occurs to you how high-pitched your roommate’s voice is. How is it traveling through the wall like that? Can’t she be quieter? Does the neighbor really have to vacuum right now? And why won’t that bird outside shut the hell up?!

How comfortable it looks under your desk

When you are forced to be awake during the day when you don’t want to, your eyes start to wander to possible napping places. That chair in the corner probably would probably be doable if you curled up the right way. The top of the break room refrigerator would probably be so warm—there’s a reason cats like sleeping up there, right? And man, underneath your desk would be perfect with the right pillow.

This importance of products like this:

Non-nappers probably think the Ostrich Pillow, a giant face-covering head pillow, is a joke. We think it’s genius and really not the weirdest thing in the world to wear.

We should have taken advantage of nap time when it was a thing.

Seriously, why did we used to throw a tantrum when nap time came around? Why did nap time seem like hell back then, when it seems like heaven now? And can we please make nap time a regular thing at work? Ah, to be five again. . .

May your naps be long and prosperous.

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