Napoleon Dynamite and his buddy Pedro have reunited for this hilarious Burger King ad

There’s a good chance that 2004 was a year that Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez will never forget. It’s been well over a decade, but it looks like the two Napoleon Dynamite co-stars have reunited for an ad that focuses around one important thing — cheesy tots. You know, the food that’s only one step up from Napoleon’s favorite hot lunch side option.

The ad is for Burger King, and it’s short, sweet, and pretty incredible. While Napoleon Dynamite quotes and references have died down a bit in recent years, it was definitely a huge movie that really made an impact on many of us back in the day. So, just seeing these two in the same Burger King together in 2016 is strangely enjoyable.

Here’s the ad:

And in case you need to refresh your memory…

Here’s the scene that tells you how important these tots truly are:

Heder has actually revisited his famous character somewhat recently. In 2012, a Napoleon Dynamite animated series hit the air, and Heder provided the voice. While it only lasted about six episodes, it definitely introduced a new generation to Napoleon.

Honestly, we seriously can’t imagine anyone else taking over such a role. The frustrated, drawn-out drawl is something that Heder pretty much perfected way back when.

Burger King will only be offering their cheesy tots for a limited time, so you might want to pocket some now while you still can.

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