This hoodie is a must-have for naps on the go

Anyone who’s ever tried to get cozy on an airplane knows that it’s a near impossible task. Surrounded by hard surfaces and chatty neighbors, those beloved zzz’s can be hard to come by — but lucky for frequent flyers and all-around sleep-lovers alike, a solution to all our nap needs is finally on the way.

Fully funded on Kickstarter with still another two weeks to go, the Hypnos hoodie combines the stylish coziness of your favorite sweatshirt with an ergonomic neck pillow built right into the hood. Co-founders Josh and Ryne Woodle were inspired to create the hoodie from all the many flights they’d taken over the years, and wanted to figure out a way to achieve all the functionality of the standard neck pillow without any of the bulkiness.

“The pillow had to be perfect; it had to feature a new shape that was comfortable, versatile, and inconspicuous to the outside world,” Josh Woodle told Refinery29. “Our next focus was to offer a beautiful hoodie that could transition from a day on the plane straight to the bar at night.”

As far as we’re concerned, they’ve totally succeeded. The hoodie comes in multiple styles, including a standard pullover and zip-up, and a nylon version that’s water repellant. (There’s even a version for kids!) At the moment, they each come in a handful of neutral colors, all of which would be right at home in anyone’s closet.

But of course, it’s the hood that really makes the garment so special. According to the Kickstarter, the removable pillow can be inflated (and deflated) via a hidden valve in three seconds flat — making sleep on the go easier than ever. When you want to clean the hoodie, simply remove the pillow before tossing it in the washing machine. (If you accidentally forget, fear not: The company offers $5 pillow replacements and a lifetime guarantee on the hoodie itself.)

The hoodies start at $89 and go up to $139, but contributors to the Kickstarter can get anywhere from $20 to $45 off if they get in early. For more information on how the hoodie works, check out the video below — and to invest in a hoodie of your own, check out Hypno hoodies on Kickstarter right here.

(Images via Hypno.)

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