This nap café in Japan is literally the stuff of dreams

Everyone has those moments when they want nothing more than to lie down and get some much-needed shut-eye. Now, here to teach the world to never underestimate the power of a mid-day snooze is this wonderful nap café in Japan, aka the best idea on the planet.

According to Eater, Nescafe Harajuku in Tokyo’s Shibuya district usually serves espresso and coffee, but has been temporarily transformed into a haven for sleep enthusiasts and anyone else who understands that taking more naps on the daily is the key to life.

Those responsibilities from the conscious side of things will be there when we all wake up, but this cozy sleeping spot helps visitors rejuvenate their minds and bodies through napping.

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So, how does this work? Do patrons just walk in and order a drink with a side of Zzzs? Well, it’s a bit more of a refined experience, and just hearing about the details makes us want to wrap up in a blanket and nap to our heart’s content.

First off, the cafe’s snooze-focused services are being offered from now until March 26. Visitors need only purchase a single food item to earn a free cup of decaf to complement their two-hour napping session. Afterwards, they are whisked off into la-la land on one of the coffee shop’s 10 super fancy electronic reclining beds that are equipped with adjustable lighting and Sony Walkmans that come pre-loaded with a playlist that features snooze-inducing saxophone music.

Here’s to hoping this idea catches on and makes its way to U.S. By then, we should have plenty of money set aside for our personal napping budget.