A bar just for naps now exists, and sign us up, please

Naps are a pretty polarizing topic. You either love them or avoid them and their grogginess-inducing qualities. For the nap lovers who yearn for a place to sleep throughout the day though, there’s good news because nap bars are now a thing.

Science has proven that taking more naps is good for you. While taking naps might be easy if you’re a high school student in New Mexico with in-school “nap pods,” it’s pretty difficult for most people who work outside their home to enjoy a mid-day siesta. That is, unless you live in Spain.

Siesta & Go is a nap bar located in Madrid’s finance district, and it’s a dream come true… Literally!


The Spanish startup’s owner, Maria Estrella Jorro de Inza, was inspired by the nap cafes in Japan. She decided to open up a similar space in Spain’s busiest area.

She told the Independent, "We get a lot of men in suits who just want to relax and women wanting to take their heels off. Lunch break is the busiest time."

Sounds good to us! Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cat nap in the middle of their busy day?

Siestas, which is Spanish for “afternoon naps,” are commonly relished in Spain’s more rural areas, but in the heart of Madrid’s business region, they’re less frequently practiced.

Ms. de Ina mentioned this, saying, "It’s funny that we’re known for the siesta, but we haven’t been professional about it. "


She seems like a pretty savvy businesswoman to us. Especially during the hot summer temperatures, her nap centers are especially welcoming.


Translation: they’re air-conditioned.

Siesta & Go has 19 beds available with a range of accommodations from single-use blankets and noise-canceling headphones, to WiFi access and reading materials for those who simply want to relax instead of fall asleep.


Looks like a wonderful way to spend the hottest time of day. We definitely hope that similar nap bars show up in the U.S. soon!