Naomi Watts busted a fan who was sneakily snapping her pic on the subway

If you’re one of the most famous actresses on the planet, it would probably be hard to deal with the overwhelming number of random people snapping your photo all over the place. But Twitter discovered Naomi Watts’ hilarious subway revenge when a fan took a “secret” photo of her during her commute. (FYI this happened like a year ago, but the internet only just figured it out.)

So here’s how it all went down: Watts was riding the subway like a regular civilian, and fangirl Aubrey Lofgren took a sneaky snap of the star with her iPhone. Except she was totally, royally…BUSTED. In the best way possible.

Here’s Lofgren’s innocent pic:

And here’s Naomi Watts’ cheeky revenge!

We love how Watts caught her totally in the act…talk about being quick on her feet! Of course Lofgren then reposted Watts’ pic.

And the internet people were like WHOA!  false

We love how Watts had a sense of humor about the whole thing, because it must be irritating to have cameras constantly pointed at you. ESPECIALLY doing normal everyday things like traveling on a train.

Given that this lack of privacy issue affects most celebrities, People reminds us that Cole Sprouse has an entire Insta account called Camera Duels dedicated to snapping photos of people snapping photos of him. It’s pretty hilarious.

Seems like he’s gotten good at spotting the sneaky camera as well. Keep it up, guys! Because it’s endlessly entertaining.