Naomi Watts believes that TV is where the best roles for women are right now

The golden age of TV is upon us, and for Naomi Watts, this small screen renaissance all comes down to roles for women. In fact, Watts’ pal Nicole Kidman feels exactly the same way.

Both actors have been friends for years, and can actually be found starring in some pretty rad TV shows at the moment. Watts stars in Netflix’s Gypsy, while Kidman is starring in Top of the Lake: China Girl and also found critical adoration for her turn in Big Little Lies.

Indeed, during this year’s Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour, Kidman shared her thoughts about TV offering some of the best roles right now.

"I love that for the two series that I’ve done on TV, I’m sitting with women up here. Is something changing? I know that I’m not sitting up here with men. I’m sitting up here both times with women and that means that the roles are here, the roles are in television, and that’s really exciting," she said.

Well, echoing this sentiment is Naomi Watts.

Speaking to Radio Times, Watts explained why so many big stars are heading to the smaller screen.

"It’s definitely a strong movement, and we’re witnessing a change. Certainly for women right now, it’s a fantastic place for storytelling," she said. "Particularly this kind of character [like in Gypsy] – it’s just hard to find someone that’s both good and bad. An anti-heroine. And it’s usually these kind of stories with a male lead.

Despite the opportunities that TV brings, Watts did say that she felt it would be a shame if the movie business were to slow down.

“I think the experience of going to see a film is still fantastic and people wanna do it,” she said. “But I’m glad there’s this sort of drama available on TV as well.”

Tbh, we love that TV is offering complicated and compelling depictions of women, and if that means that Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts continue to take on more roles then we aren’t complaining.

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