Naomi Osaka Candidly Shared That She Plans to Try to Celebrate Herself More

"I've never told myself that I've done a good job."

For the past few months, tennis star Naomi Osaka has been outspoken about mental health and understanding her limits. Now she’s expanding that conversation to include giving herself a little bit of grace and being her own biggest fan. In an August 29th Instagram post, Osaka candidly opened up about the reflecting she’s been doing as of late and said she wants to celebrate herself more.

In a text post, she wrote, “Recently I’ve been asking myself why do I feel the way I do and I realize one of the reasons is because internally I think I’m never good enough. I’ve never told myself that I’ve done a good job but I do know I constantly tell myself that I suck or I could do better.”

She went on to say that she’s struggled with humility despite people telling her she’s humble because there are so many times she doubts herself. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m gonna try to celebrate myself and my accomplishments more, I think we all should,” she wrote.

Osaka included a selection of moments she wanted to commemorate, that maybe she didn’t properly do so before this. She wrote in her Instagram caption, some tennis memories over the past year that mean a lot to me.

Following this particular post, Osaka went on to win her first match at the U.S. Open against Marie Bouzková on August 30th. Hopefully, now that Osaka has committed to celebrating her achievements more, she’s at least looked in the mirror today and said, “Good job.” If she needs a little push on the congratulations, we’re here to send them all her way as she continues through this competition and all the ones after.

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