Naomi Campbell’s auctioning off her famous ‘Empire’ dress. So, uh, can we borrow $12,000?

If there’s one thing we love about Empire — aside from literally everything — it’s the fashion. Whether it’s the designer duds donned by our forever-favorite, Cookie, or the kicks that give Hakeem that extra swagger in his step, we know we can rely on each member of the cast to be impeccably dressed at all times. If you’ve had your eye on that next-level white vintage jewel number Naomi Campbell wears during season 1 in particular, we are here to tell you it can be yours.

The actress and supermodel, who plays Hakeem’s love interest Camilla, is now auctioning off one of the dresses she wore. You remember this scene right?

Yeah, it’s the dress under the fur.

The proceeds from the sale of the Marc Bouwer couture dress will go to Fashion for Relief, a nonprofit that supports global disaster relief efforts. Granted, it’s a $12,000 dress — but if you have a spare 12 thou hanging around (sigh) then go to it.

All this spot-on-ness Empire fashion is thanks to costume designer Rita McGhee and her team of pros, who shop at a seriously wide range of stores to get the looks they want for each character. According to McGhee, they’re doing their best to create an atmosphere of extravagance on even the lowest budget. “We are fashion-finders. It’s like a wardrobe reality show, going out there and . . . getting all the things that we need to make it work,” she said in an interview with TV Guide. That actually gives us hope! If you hunt right, you can be SO glam on a budget.

As for the Naomi Campbell dress, while we will never in our wildest dreams have the flow to buy amazing dresses worn by supermodels at auctions, seeing this festive frock get the spotlight has made us fantasize about the other Empire outfits we wish we were wearing.

Like this classic Cookie rhinestone tiger striped number.

Or Cookie again with her accessories game so on fleek we don’t even know what to say.

Just give us access to Cookie’s wardrobe. Purple fur with the lipstick to match? Yas.

Points for Anika in the dress we would wear every single New Year’s Eve if we owned it.

And last, but we could play this game for 100 years so we’re just quitting while we’re ahead, Camilla’s gold romper with fishnets look. Teach us your ways!!!

Empire fashion we FEEL you. Maybe if we all chip in a dollar we can get the white dress and share it around? It will be like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Who’s in?

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