Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers from “Stranger Things” might be dating IRL, and fans CANNOT handle it

Well, they definitely have on-screen chemistry. But based on a few new photos, it appears there may be a love connection between Nancy and Jonathan from Stranger Things off-screen, too.

Actors Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton have admitted they’re close friends. But are they pulling a similar move as Kit Harington and Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones by keeping a romantic relationship private?

Aside from the fact that the two of them went in on a Wizard of Oz group costume last Halloween, both Heaton and Dyer were also spotted holding hands during a trip to Paris. Sure — the Stranger Things cast is notoriously close with each other, but this particular move has definitely sparked rumors.

Looking for more clues, fans of the Netflix series decided to look back at the social media accounts of the two young stars. Based on their Instagram posts, they spend a lot of time together, and not just for Stranger Things. For example, they went to Spain together in 2016 and made sure to share some memorable photos with their fans, including one that looks as if it may be Dyer taking a secluded dip.

It’s also pretty clear that Heaton is copying Dyer’s adorably sweet ice cream pose in this photo, which he uploaded this past July.

Just three days ago, Heaton shared this photo of Dyer.

As expected, fans of the show are all about this rumored relationship.

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So is love in the air? Of course, the two would have to confirm it first. But at least we now know their Stranger Things scenes were built upon real-life chemistry.

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