Nancy Pelosi got sworn in today—and Twitter is now obsessed with her adorable granddaughter

Now that it’s 2019, the members of Congress elected in November’s 2018 midterms are finally taking office—and the House of Representatives has shifted to a Democratic majority. Thanks to this change, we also have a new Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi, who was officially elected to the position this afternoon, January 3rd. And there was one person in attendance who couldn’t have been more happy for her.

As the votes for Pelosi rolled in (votes and swearing in happen on the same day), Pelosi’s granddaughter—as identified by NBC—stole the show. She applauded enthusiastically whenever a vote for her grandmother was cast, and when it came time for Pelosi to cast her own vote she was literally jumping for joy. The adorable moment was captured on camera, and the little girl instantly gained Twitter notoriety.

Later, as she took her oath of office, CNN reports that Pelosi called all of her grandchildren—as well as other children in the chamber—to join her. Her granddaughter took the spot immediately to her right, looking up at her in awe. As Pelosi called the House to order, she gave a sweet shout-out to America’s children, which, according to Politicowas a callback to her 2007 swearing-in, when she became the first female speaker ever.

"I now call the House to order on behalf of all of America's children. Go kids!" she said.

Congratulations to Speaker Pelosi and to all new members of Congress.

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