Nancy Gibbs Named Time’s First-Ever Female Managing Editor

In 1985, Nancy Gibbs started her career in publishing as a part-time fact-checker in the International section of Time magazine. Three years later and she was writing for the world-renowned news publication; two decades after that and Gibbs, now 53, has just been named the first woman to ever hold the managing editor position in the history of Time‘s 90-year legacy. Who run the world (in print)?

When Gibbs’ tenure at Time first began, the publishing industry was undoubtedly male dominated. Her first cover story for the title was about the lives of senior citizens in the U.S. in 1988, and she then went on to author a record 174 cover stories in total. She became an editor-at-large for the Nation section and wrote Time‘s 9,500-word cover story about the September 11th attacks, which was produced and printed in 28 hours. (The issue that that story appeared in went on to win the industry’s highest honor, the National Magazine Award.)

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