Nancy from “Stranger Things” fan-girling out in the “Hannah Montana” movie will make you LOL

While more and more people catch on to the Stranger Things phenomenon, let’s just take a moment to appreciate one of the heroes of the show

Nancy Wheeler.

Played by actor Natalia Dyer, Nancy is a largely conflicted character we can all relate to. Well, kinda-sorta anyway, we don’t know how to feel about her ditching Barb AND THEN Jonathan, too…

But Nancy’s social decisions aside, we obviously have to applaud her for keeping her cool while kicking some serious Demogorgon-ass.

In real life, Natalia’s characters weren’t always so ~chill~, particularly in her breakthrough role as Clarissa Granger in Hannah Montana: The Movie.


Clarissa Granger (and her sister, Phoebe) were small, but pivotal roles in Hannah/Miley’s journey. They were the daughters of conflicted villain Oswald Granger – a somewhat sleazy journalist looking to expose the Hannah/Miley double-life secret! Also, BONUS POINTS, Natalia got to perform in a British accent for this role.


Basically, just before Oswald exposes Hannah’s truth, Clarissa (and Phoebe) storm in and inadvertently save the day when they pretty much FREAK THE FUCK OUT over seeing their idol, Hannah, in person.


Oswald realizes he’d hate to disappoint young girls around the world, like his daughters, and decides to NOT give away Hannah/Miley’s secret. AWWW.

To be fair, we’d probably act EXACTLY the same if we met Nancy/Natalia in real life.

Same, Natalia. Same.

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