A Nancy Drew show is in the works and we’re sleuthing for details

Here’s a book-to-TV idea we are totally behind: grown-up Nancy Drew. One of our favorite crime solvers — and probably one of your mom’s favorite crime solvers, and maybe even one of your grandmother’s favorite crime solvers, and possibly your great-grandmother’s too — has a new show in the works that would bring her to present day New York City. We love everything about this.

The show is still in the super early stages of development, and right now is really nothing more than simply a VERY GOOD IDEA. According to Deadline, this Nancy Drew show is currently in-development at CBS, and is the brain-child of Grey’s Anatomy writers and executive producers Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, and Dan Jinks, who produced American Beauty.

The pitch? “A contemporary take on the character from the iconic book series. Now in her 30s, Nancy is a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.”

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I’d say this new Nancy Drew would be like a grown-up Veronica Mars, but really Veronica Mars was an updated Nancy Drew. Same goes for Harriet the Spy.

The first Nancy Drew book was published all the way back in 1930, and since then, there have been dozens of books under the Nancy Drew name. There have also been Nancy Drew spin-offs and graphic novels, too. That is so much material for television.

Nancy Drew was part of a TV series back at one point in the ’70s (with the Hardy Boys . . . it was called The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries), and then in a 2002 made-for-TV movie starring Maggie Lawson. And never forget the Nancy Drew movie starring Emma Roberts back in 2007. But this would be her own TV series, on network television, and we’re in love.

Keep in mind, the show is still in super early stages, and hasn’t even been given the true go-ahead yet. But we’re already giving it two-thumbs WAY up and hope to see it on TV ASAP.

Now go call your mom or grandma and ask if they’ve still got their Nancy Drew books up in the attic, because this is going to be an important binge-read.

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