Here’s a Nancy from “The Craft” Halloween makeup tutorial for you and your coven

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to channel my goth side by recreating the biggest and baddest witch herself — Nancy Downs from The Craft. Her makeup is not only iconic (those burgundy lips!), but she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Even though I was about four when The Craft came out, this movie was a huge part of my youth. When I stumbled upon this movie, I actually started dabbling with hexes and spells a là Nancy and her coven. I am not exaggerating either.

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In high school, my best friend and I really wanted these two guys to like us, but since they were seniors and we were freshman, we knew we didn’t have a chance. BUT THEN, we stumbled upon The Craft and a handy little love spell that we found on the internet. My best friend and I chanted that spell, lit a cheap candle, and called it a night. Two days later, those same guys were calling us. That was our Nancy and Sarah moment — and to this day, I’m convinced that it wasn’t a coincidence they started calling us, that spell had worked, y’all.

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Back to the tutorial.

I wanted to pay tribute to the most iconic bruja there ever was, Nancy. And luckily, her makeup and fashion looks aren’t at all complicated — you probably own half of the pieces in your closet. I figured not only would this tutorial be doable, but it’s also a great way to be a different kind of witch — no cheesy hats or brooms needed.

So here’s how to recreate Nancy’s ~magical~ lewk.


Let’s get started, shall we?

Step 1: Apply foundation and powder.


To start off, I applied Too Faced’s Primed and Peachy Primer ($32) along with the Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation ($36). I covered and concealed my pimples with Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer ($27). Throughout the entire movie, Nancy (and the rest of the coven) has matte skin, so I wanted to refrain from using any dewy or glowy products. Next, I set my makeup with Too Faced’s Mattifying Translucent Setting Powder ($32).

In case you’re wondering why I have rollers on my head, I used velcro rollers from Amazon ($12.95) to give me the same big curls that Nancy has towards the end of the movie.

Step 2: Apply matte shadows.


To get that messy, yet smoldering smoky eye that Nancy rocks the entire time, all you’ll need are three matte shadows — one that matches your skin tone, a medium-to-dark brown, and a black shade. For this, I used Ardell’s Pro Matte Eyeshadow Palette ($14.99).

To start, dust on the shadow color that best matches your skin tone. Next, apply a medium-to-dark brown shade in the crease. This is the one time where the messier it looks, the better. Next, you’ll want to apply the black shadow to your outer corner and up into your crease. This can get a little messy, so I did stick some Shadow Shields ($5.81) right under my eye.

Hey, Nancy was a little too busy putting hexes on jocks, so she kept her shadows to a minimum.

Step 3: Apply tons and tons of eyeliner.


For eyeliner, I used the Em Cosmetics Gel Pencil ($15). After smudging it on my lower lid and lash line, I went over it with the black shadow. I wanted it to have that lived-in look. While I opted out of mascara (because again, Nancy was too busy trying to invoke the power of Manon), you could totally apply a coat or two.

Step 4: Apply lipstick that’s as dark as your soul.


On to the fun part! To get that burgundy, brown lipstick shade that Nancy wears throughout the entire movie, I used the BareMinerals Statement Luxe Shine Lipstick in NSFW ($20). To mattify the lipstick, I used a tissue paper to blot off the excess shine.

Step 5: Draw on a fake beauty mark a lá Nancy.


Even though this step is not necessary, I had to add a fake beauty mark. In the movie, Nancy has this beauty mark that almost gives her an added edge. To do this, I used Sigma’s Line Ace in Legend ($14).

It’s time to cast some spells.



You don’t even exist to me!



We are the weirdos, mister.


And because this is a Halloween-themed tutorial, here are a few details about my fashion pieces that I bought or received in order to channel my inner Nancy.

The witchy-esque dress is ModCloth’s Bell Sleeve Lace Dress in black ($99.99), and it was gifted to me. For my accessories, I mostly bought them on Amazon or at Santee Alley in downtown LA. The earrings and silver ring were purchased at Santee Alley (they were under $10!) while the black rosary cross necklace ($11.95), spike necklace ($7.99), and blue crystal necklace ($7.99) were purchased on Amazon. The icy crystal necklace was in Crate Joy’s Quirky-Crate Box, which was also sent to me.

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Happy Halloween, witches!

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