Parents are naming their babies after these “Stranger Things” characters

Baby names seem to be in the news a lot, and now they are again. It turns out that some parents are naming their babies after Stranger Things characters, reported Refinery29. Tbh, are any of us really surprised?!

But first, how are the most popular baby names even determined? BabyCenter uses data from nearly 400,000 parents who shared what they named their babies in 2016.

Three baby names that could have been influenced by Stranger Things increased in popularity. Nancy went up 46 percent, Dustin went up 32 percent, and Lucas went up 25 percent, reported Good HousekeepingAh-mazing. And we’re betting it’s probably more than a coincidence.

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Lucas also ranked as the third most popular boy’s name, overall. Nancy and Dustin didn’t make the top 100, but still — those percentage increases are highhhhh.

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Again, we shouldn’t be too shocked. After all, there are all kinds of things out there modeled after the hit Netflix show, like Stranger Things memes and gifts you ~have to get~ for Stranger Things fans you know.

So which baby names did land at the top of the list? Sophia for girls and Jackson for boys were the most popular — again — for the fourth year in a row (!).

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Want to know more? You can look up any name in BabyCenter’s database to see its popularity. It’s fun, but a quick warning: It’s addictive, so proceed with caution.