Should we be worried that a lot of people are naming their babies after Darth Vader?

Pop culture baby names are a thing. Right now, baby names from Game of Thrones and Frozen are big go-tos, and not surprisingly, Star Wars is in there, too. Names like Luke and Leia have been around for a while, and will probably become even more popular after the upcoming Force Awakens. But we’re not talking about rebel names here. We’re talking about Dark Side names, and the fact that last year, 218 babies were named “Anakin.”

The official Social Security Administration released its list of the most popular baby names, and the name Anakin jumped from ranking #1234 in 2013 to #957 in 2014. That is a HUGE JUMP. That means that over 200 new parents (who probably really like Star Wars) looked down at their precious baby boy and thought, “let’s not name him Lando, let’s name him Anakin.”

According to, the name Anakin means “warrior.” According to pop culture, the name “Anakin” means someone who is going to give into their anger, then turn to the Dark Side, and then fall into a lava pit, build an operational Death Star, freeze Han Solo in carbonite, finally see the wrong in his ways and defeat the Emperor, AND THEN in his dying moments ask his son to remove his helmet. And then become a ghost.

In the Star Wars expanded universe (including a bunch of books that are no longer Star Wars canon, but as a child for me they were canon, so I read them all) Leia and Han Solo have a son, and they name him Anakin, Anakin Solo. Clearly, Leia naming her son Anakin is to honor her late father.

But we do not live in the Star Wars universe on Coruscant, so the name Anakin is an odd choice.

Then again, who knows what Force Awakens will bring, along with the other planned Star Wars movies. Maybe we’ll find someone else named Anakin in the movies, and all these new little Anakins are going to grow up the coolest kids on the playground.

(Images via Lucasfilm and Giphy.)

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