Nameplate necklaces that say anything (and everything) but your name are trending right now

The nameplate necklace is an iconic, timeless jewelry staple that has been around for ages, yet is somehow still often referred to as a “Carrie necklace”—referencing Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw, who was rarely seen without her signature nameplate necklace. And while this may have been an entry point into the accessory for many people, we’d be remiss to not point out that it is not, in fact, a trend originated by our beloved SJP and the show’s stylist, Patricia Field. Rather, nameplate necklaces are said to have been around since the Victorian era, according to Vice, where many wore brooches with their names on them. We highly recommend reading into the cultural history of nameplate necklaces to find out more about where everyone’s favorite “throwback” jewelry originated.

However, this is no Victorian era. And rather than wearing our nameplate necklaces with our names, we prefer to make a statement. Trending nameplate necklaces can boast everything from your zodiac sign to your stance on feminism.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite nameplate necklaces to shop now. Looking for something more unique? This trend is completely customizable, so your nameplate necklace can say—literally—anything you want. Happy shopping!

1Pandora Family Script Locket Element

Pandora nameplate necklacePandora nameplate necklace

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This lovely keepsake even fits into a locket, so you can wear it close to your heart.

2Bing Bang Feminist Necklace

Big Bang nameplate necklaceBig Bang nameplate necklace

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We’re obsessed with the bubble font.

3Forever 21 Honey Necklace

Forever 21 nameplate necklaceForever 21 nameplate necklace

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We’re choosing to think of this as a cute homage to the best Jessica Alba film ever made. Jen Gotch x Iconery Resilience Necklace nameplate nameplate necklace

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One hundred percent of the net proceeds of this cute necklace will go to Bring Change to Mind, a non-profit dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness.

5Tiary Mother of All Necklaces

Tiary nameplate necklaceTiary nameplate necklace

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For Mother’s Day and beyond, this is a perfect gift for any mother or mother figure in your life.

6BaubleBar Kristen Beaded Nameplate Necklace

BaubleBar nameplate necklaceBaubleBar nameplate necklace

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We love how the beads make this classic item feel more modern and playful.

7Tai Darling Necklace

Tai Jewelry nameplate necklaceTai Jewelry nameplate necklace

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So sweet.

8Pretty Little Thing Gold Baby Logo Phone Necklace

Pretty Little Thing nameplate necklacePretty Little Thing nameplate necklace

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“I’m baby,” the accessories version.

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