Forget crazy nail art, Naked Manicures are the new, low-key nail trend

In the past few months, nail trends have been getting bigger, bulkier, and sparklier than ever. We’ve seen mermaid nails, packed with glitter in vibrant colors, have their time in the sun. Bubble nails rose to popularity – to many people’s surprise – and inspired artists of Instagram to create some of the roundest, globbiest nails the world has ever seen. And then, just when nail trends couldn’t get any more elaborate, aquarium nails popped up on the scene, combining both bubbles and glitter for a fabulous 3-D look.

Nail stylist to the stars, Leah Light, recently gave the scoop to Daily Mail about a brand new nail trend that is more shocking than mermaid, bubble, and aquarium nails combined. She said that the next “big thing” in finger fashion is … a naked manicure.

That’s right, this look is pretty much the opposite of this summer’s bold, flashy fads. Leah’s worked with celebs like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Rita Ora, so she knows nails. She explained that the naked manicure isn’t actually nude, but uses neutral polish colors, like light pinks, browns, and apricots. It’s in the same family as that “no makeup” look that takes just as much time and effort as a regular makeup look. The ultimate goal of the naked manicure is to achieve a clean, natural-looking, well-groomed nail.

Hands down, the best part about the naked manicure look is that it will be way easier to DIY than the fancy-shmancy Leonardo DaVinci nail art that dominates Instagram. No acrylics required – hooray! Your wallet will be so pleased.

Leah explains how to take extra good care of your nails in this video tutorial on at-home manicures. She paints the models nails a bright pink, but if you want to try the naked manicure look, go for a more neutral color.

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