The nail polish you should buy this spring, according to your Myers-Briggs personality

Can’t decide what your go-to nail polish should be? Perhaps your Myers-Briggs personality type can provide some insight. Okay, INTJ, we know YOU know what you want. And ESTP, you’ll be fine picking something on the fly. No idea what we’re talking about? Allow us to explain.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment questionnaire that helps determine how a person thinks, reasons, and perceives the world. It was invented by the mother-daughter team of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers in the early 20th century. The test employs four “dichotomies” —extroversion/introversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perception, and combinations of each determine which of 16 types a person falls into.

To have some fun with the Myers-Briggs personality test, we decided to roundup the nail polishes you should buy, based on your personality type. Peep some of our picks for the perfect polish for your personality.

1ISTJ — Efficient, Detailed, Responsible:


CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Tropix, $10.50. Vinylux requires no base coat, lasts for at least a week, dries quickly, and wears like a gel without the lamp or difficult removal. Like an ISTJ, it’s only logical.

2ISFJ — Factual, Dependable, Caring:


Zoya Nail Polish in Avery, $10. A small brush appeals to the orderly ISFJ. Zoya provides full coverage in many colors. Free from nasty chemicals, too.

3INFJ — Inspiring, Creative, Insightful:


Floss Gloss Angelic Duo, $16. Serious yet artistic, the INFJ will appreciate these soft, but unusual shades.

4INTJ — Independent, Straightforward, Decisive:


Orly Breathable Treatment + Color in Detox My Socks Off, $8.99. Orly’s Breathable polish doesn’t need a basecoat or topcoat and it nourishes the nails with oxygen technology and vitamins. The science will appeal to the critically thinking INTJ.

5ISTP — Adventurous, Independent, Practical:


Pure Ice Nail Polish in Galactic Glam, $1.98. The curious ISTP will appreciate the affordable price and enticing glitter (that’ll stay on forever).

6ISFP —Idealistic, Spontaneous, Compassionate:


Nails Inc Self-Made Mermaid Nail Polish Duo, $15. Sensitive ISFP will love the one-coat coverage of this mystical duo.

7INFP —Inquisitive, Adaptable, Empathetic:


UO Iridescent Top Coat Nail Polish, $6. The creative INFP is also known as a helper. This topcoat can be worn alone or layered over another polish to “help” create a new look.

8INTP — Complex, Independent, Conceptual:


Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Vamp, $28. The sophisticated, analytical INTP loves a good moody classic like this Chanel best-seller.

9ESTJ — Systematic, Responsible, Assertive:


Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in Fairy Tailor, $11.49. Fact-minded, critical-thinking ESTJ will dig this gel-like polish that lasts for 14 days, no lamp needed.

10ESFJ — Enthusiastic, Loyal, Caring:


Priti NYC Black Iris vegan nail polish, $15. ESFJ cares, and this luxury vegan “clean” polish was formulated to be safe for pregnant people (and better for everyone).

11ENFJ — Tactful, Enthusiastic, Imaginative:


Smith & Cult in Tang Bang, $18. A spunky, offbeat orange for the idealistic ENFJ.

12ENTJ — Organized, Decisive, Planner:


Start To Finish Base Coat, Top Coat & Strengthener 3-in-1 Treatment, $9.77. It may not be a color, but it streamlines the planning process for the most responsible of the “E”s, ENTJ.

13ESTP — Experimental, Direct, Efficient:


Ciaté Gelology in After Party, $17. This two-tone iridescent, longwearing polish is great for the active and spontaneous ESTP.

14ESFP — Practical, Fun-Loving, Energetic:


Hard Candy Classic Nail Color with Ring in Red Hot, $4. Affordable AF and comes with a cute ring. Generous ESFP will buy one for all of their friends.

15ENFP — Playful, Forward-Thinking, Creative:


Floss Gloss Glitz Deluxe Set, $46. Imaginative ENFP is not afraid to get extra with a grip of glitter.

16ENTP — Independent, Inventive, Abstract:


Christian Louboutin Loubi Under Red, $45. ENTP will be enthused by the nuance and mystery of this artistic detail brush. Polish under nail tips for that sexy red-bottom look.

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