Master your at-home nail routine with this nail polish eraser cream

We love having our nails painted, whether it’s a simple at-home mani or a more elaborate nail-art look. However, traditional nail polish typically doesn’t last over 10 days, so if you’ve ever painted your nails yourself, you’ve also definitely used a nail polish remover to get the lacquer off. Yet for most nail polish removers, you’ve probably had to harshly rub your nails with a drying liquid, which is a highly unpleasant experience. Enter: The Sign Tribe Remove and Chill nail polish eraser cream.

We gave this nail polish removing cream a Beauty Crush Award for how it effectively removes lacquer, smells nice, and leaves skin and nails feeling moisturized. Its innovative formula contains a mix of vegetable oils, macadamia oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, sesame seed oil, and Argan oil; the emollient properties of the cream come from beeswax; and it’s packed with vitamins E and C, which protect and nourish the skin. Did we mention that it smells heavenly?


Shop it! The Sign Tribe Remove and Chill Nail Polish Eraser Cream, $14.99,

To use it, apply a thick layer of cream to each nail, wait one-to-three minutes (one minute if you don’t have a base and topcoat on, three if you do), then wipe it off using a cotton ball or reusable pad. It’s that easy! Things may get a little goopy and messy in the process, but it doesn’t matter if the cream spreads past your nail and onto your skin since all it will do is moisturize the area. Seriously, you won’t even have to use hand cream once you’re done when you realize how soft your cuticles and nails feel.

The Sign Tribe Remove and Chill cream works on all traditional nail polishes (no gel or Shellac), and one reviewer on its website even said she was easily able to use it to remove her glitter nail polish. ‘Nuf said.

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