This nail artist created “The Little Mermaid”-inspired nails using an actual dinglehopper

A nail artist took the mermaid trend to a new level by adding a fin and a dinglehopper to her Ariel-approved set of nails.

Is your beauty collection complete? Are you the girl, the girl who has everything? A nail artist in Munich, Germany may have created the perfect nails for the mermaid beauty fan who might be missing that one perfect element.

Nailist Jezz ManiacStylZ “MZ” aka @maniacstylz recently shared a set of nails she referred to as a “Dinglehopper disaster.” It’s definitely a look for the daring siren of the sea. Jezz’s skinny stiletto tips feature a teal and silver color scheme with a heavy dose of silver glitter. Tiny shell charms and rhinestones embellish the enviable set. But it’s the accent nails that steal the show.

Jezz created a life-sized version of what Ariel from The Little Mermaid calls a “Dinglehopper.” (That’s a fork, in case you’re one of the 0.1% of our readership who’s never seen the Disney classic. We won’t judge.) The silver utensil adorns the right index finger, which is, in theory, a good place to put something you’d use to brush your flowing mermaid tresses. The left pinkie features a perfectly sculpted mermaid tail. Absolutely awe-inspiring. Wearable? Depends on your lifestyle, we suppose. If you’re an undersea princess, you can probably get away with it.

Look at these nails, aren’t they neat?

Ursula would steal these along with Ariel’s voice if she could.

That sparkle!

Can’t wait to see what Jezz dreams up and creates next!

Follow the artist on Instagram @maniacstylz.

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