This nail artist combined the unicorn and fidget spinner trends, and somehow put them on nails

Just when you thought we’d reached peak fidget spinner and peak unicorn, a set of nails came along to blow all of our minds.

We’ve seen unicorn frappucinos, unicorn nails, and unicorn frappucino nails. Fidget spinners are the current craze among kids and anxious adults alike. British nail-ista Natasha Lee recently brought us some unbelievable fidget spinner nail art. The next logical step? Unicorn Fidget Spinner Nails, of course!

The popular beauty blogger and nail artist shared a video on her YouTube channel of the process she used to create these magical, impressive, and kinda ridiculous adornments.

A little preview of the full video.

Natasha’s soothing voice walks us through the process. This is not necessarily a simple DIY for a non-professional nail enthusiast, but it might be a fun challenge to bring to your manicurist. It’ll certainly make for some interesting Instagram posts. If you’re a cuticle picker, this might even be the solution to curbing the nervous habit.

Supplies Natasha used:


ProHesion acrylic sculpting system.


Seed beads to separate the mini-spinners.


Snaps to create the base of the horn.


A single straight pin to form the horn.


Just one of many holographic shimmer polishes Natasha uses for her magical nails.

After polishing the nails, Natasha creates the horn by sliding spinners and alternating seed beads onto the pin.



The bottom half of a snap creates the anchor for the horn. Natasha uses her electronic file to take the point off, and then secure thes base with nail glue.


A bead of glitter acrylic powder attaches the spinner.


The final product.




Watch the full video here:

Well, color us impressed. We can’t wait to see what Natasha does next! (Are covfefe nails a thing yet, or?)

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