The Nail Art Each Zodiac Sign Should Try, According to an Astrologer

Of course Scorpios would go for edgy designs.

Horoscopes come in handy when aligning with our personalized cosmic vibe. And by now, we all know that Geminis are chatty Cathys in search for greater adventure, while Virgos jump leaps and bounds at the chance to organize a cluttered space. Head in the clouds Libras dwell in eternal romanticism, and Leos shine brighter and brighter with each stage they center.

So, what does that mean for your manicure game? If you’re thinking of updating your nail look but have no idea where to start, astrology has you covered. Not only do the stars play a role in our fate, but they can also guide us in our style preferences, including nail art styles. To help you find the one that best fits your celestial vibe, a beauty expert and astrologer came together to curate a list of new nail art styles that suit each zodiac sign’s specific cosmic sensibilities.

 Check out the ultimate list of nail art for your zodiac sign below.


Aries, first of the zodiac wheel, you possess a drive and desire to be first, always racing toward your goals. Your fiery energy magnetizes you to what’s ahead of you and you like to be the best at everything you do. That’s why you’ll want a nail art look that shows off how fabulous you are, and top it off with a metallic or glitter polish. “The passionate sign likes to be ahead of the trend, which is what this look can help them achieve,” says Lisa Stardust, HG’s resident astrologer.


Delighted by the finer things in life, your Taurean heart possesses a sparkle that has you naturally gravitating toward material pleasures. Think lush, rich tangibles that match your glistening energy. “Tauruses are super luxurious,” says Stardust. “A manicure with jewels or crystals will dazzle and enchant the nails of the bull.” The more ice, the better.


As we know, the twins have two different sides to them. Therefore, their nail art should reflect both sides of that dualistic nature. This look will pay homage to both the sensitivities and all of the intellectual emotions of airy and chill Gemini. “A manicure with a personal statement on them will be great for the communicative twin star,” says Stardust.


The hygge-loving homebody Cancer coasts toward cool, calm, and perfectly manicured paws. That’s because, similarly to your celestial spirit animal, the crab, you’re all for cultivating cozy and nurturing habitats—and nail art. Simple and soft-hued pastels align for you. “Pastels—particularly lilac, which is Cancer’s signature color—will calm their emotions,” explains Stardust.


Leos are the Hollywood star of the horoscope circle, and just like the fearless lion, these paws are downright F-I-E-R-C-E. “They’re known for their drama and flair,” Stardust says, which is why bright and glistening nail art gives you an opportunity to shine even brighter. Meow!


Practically perfect, Virgos revel in routine and acts of service. Nothing soothes your spirit quite like crossing something off your to-do list or putting a smile on another’s face. “Virgos aren’t known to be outlandish—they have a more refined look than most,” says Stardust. However, Virgos are willing to play with their nail shapes even though they stick to neutral, classic colors.


It’s no secret that Libras lust after all things lovey dovey. You are the type to bask in those classic tropes of roses, chocolates, and a deep red pinot. It’s Valentine’s Day year-round for these hopeless romantics. “Heart-shaped French manicures suit your carnal desires to be in love and relationships. After all, they love the concept of love,” says Stardust.


Mysterious and magnetic, Scorpios possess deeply kinetic energy that communicates beyond words. Ruled by depth and transformation, you embrace danger and hedonism, while igniting it in others as well. “Edgy nails are ideal for Scorpio, who isn’t afraid to embrace the darker sentiments of life,” says Stardust. Opt for dark colors to use against a contrasting light for added drama.


Sags are supercharged with confidence and vivacious youth. You dance life in a free spirited manner, as your glass half full hearts are ever-floating in optimism. “Psychedelic nail art will bring free spirited Sagittarius positive vibes,” says Stardust, adding that it’ll also serve as nostalgia for the fiery sign.


The sea goats are known for their classic, audacious spirit. Fearlessly driven and always climbing that career ladder, you have a fondness for power. That’s why Stardust emphasizes Capricorn’s vibe with dynamic, yet classic looks. “The same applies to their nails. A deep red should do the trick for their vibe,” she says.


Seduced by brilliant ideas and adventure, this air sign is always flowing forward for more. “Abstract nail art with a clean and simple, almost sheer look will vibe well with airy Aquarius,” says Stardust. “The reason is that they like unconventional looks with a classic twist.”


The most intuitive and spiritual of all is, of course, Pisces. “They’re known to be a mix of every zodiac sign, as it’s the last sign, and therefore, multi-colored nails in a mystical hue are ideal for them,” says Stardust.  Staying true to this potent power of empathy, watercolor nails perfectly reflects our dear Pisces.

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