N.C. Women’s Rights Activists Rally Around Restrictive Abortion Amendments

In my mind, I’m goin’ to Carolina. Wherein once arrived, I’m going to WTF the S out of the lawmakers there. Until recently, I’ve been a proud North Carolinian. I was born and raised there, went to boarding school and college there. The state itself is beautiful, if you’ve never been. There’s easy access to both the mountains and the ocean, there’s BBQ and bluegrass, beach music and Bojangles. Oh, to be with Bojangles.

But now there’s also a boatload of Republicans who are leading the country to believe that North Carolinians are just a bunch of close-minded a-holes. (Reminder: Close-minded a-holes exists everywhere. We’re not special.)

I’m not looking to promote a one-sided liberal agenda or take a blatant partisan dig, but my home state’s conservative congressmen are making a mockery out of a place that I love. I place that I now hang my head down like Charlie Brown when asked, after my sweet, southern twang creeps out from between my wine-stained lips, “Where are you from?”

And while it’s not only their current war on reproductive rights that really grinds my gears these days, it is the latest in a string of short-sited legislative calamities that are slowing burning my state like a hog over a spitfire.

On Monday, more than 2,000 people exercised their right (in a weekly gathering known as “Moral Mondays”) to peacefully protest some sneaky anti-abortion measures that N.C. Republicans attempted to clear before the 4th of July long weekend. Of all holidays. Really. How does “The Star-Spangled Banner Go” again? “Land of the free, home of the enslaved womb?”

Okay, okay. The proposed amendments, which were tacked on to a bill threatening the ban of Islamic Sharia law (another article entirely),

In an effort to oppose the eleventh hour restrictions, women’s health activists made this week’s “Moral Monday” the largest to date. 63 of the 2,000 in attendance activists were handcuffed for refusing to leave the legislative chamber. Almost all of those arrested have been charged with “disorderly conduct, trespassing and violating building rules.” Whether or not you see that as warranted or as an unfair abuse of power, at least 1,037 activists just went to rally, wanting to be heard, hoping to regain control of their freedom. Because every woman deserves the right to choose.

Man, those cranky old southern white dudes get me every time. But seriously, mind your own reproductive business. And don’t let the door hit’cha where the good lord split’cha, y’all.

Featured image via Bustle