This conscious clothing line is for the psychic in us all

Sometimes you just gotta wear your heart on your sleeve. Or rather, sometimes you gotta wear your third eye on your sleeve. The intersection between fashion and spirituality is growing, and now we can tell our friends and enemies what lies under the surface, thanks in part to what we wear. And in case you’re looking for a “psychic tee” or one that lets everyone know you’re “heavily meditated,” we know the brand to help.

Mystic Tribe is a conscious clothing brand that integrates spirituality into the DNA of its creations. Founded by Kaitlyn Kaerhart and Luke Monteleone, the L.A.-based line features tees with esoteric motifs and pun-y sayings that all revolve around inspiring a more connected way of life.

The duo was inspired to start the clothing brand while vacationing in Thailand, where they realized there was space that needed to be filled in the fashion industry. Kaitlyn tells HelloGiggles,

"It has been a dream of mine to increase awareness and raise consciousness by fusing spiritual wisdom into all my creative endeavors (music and consciously-made fashion). My goal is to grow Mystic Tribe into a lifestyle brand that enriches and uplifts others, raising awareness and supporting other brands and empowered females who are doing the same."


Although the brand is young, they still have some exciting things in the works that support other artists and musicians and continues to spread their message.


So if you’ve been looking for a new pair of marbled leggings to wear with your black tourmaline, or simply a high vibe shirt to wear when you’re feeling down, Mystic Tribe has your back.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a yogi who’s all about balanced chakras, or a crystal-loving good witch, there’s a plethora of magick for you at Mystic Tribe. Shirts, by the way, retail for $44 and leggings for $64.


No matter what you snag, we hope it lights up your aura and your life.

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