The mystery of this wedding photo has been solved by Facebook

Leave it to social media to do all the Sherlock-level sleuthing. Facebook has solved yet another mystery: the case of the mystery wedding couple. It all started on June 30th, when Facebook user and engineer Randy Robinson from Alabama bought a digital photo frame and discovered that it was packed with beautiful wedding photos of a happy couple.

Randy posted one of the pictures of the couple to Facebook, imploring his friends to help him find the couple. “Hey Facebook friends,” wrote Randy in the caption of the picture below. “I need help finding the couple in this picture. They were married on 7/1/12 in Massachusetts. The SD card that contains many of their wedding pictures was in a returned item that I purchased. I would like to return it to them.”

Before he shared the photograph, he had already tried calling the catering company (whose truck he had spotted in one of the pictures) and had even tracked down the limousine firm, but to no avail — so he took to Facebook. And the photograph was shared over 200,000 times. Turns out the reason that Randy couldn’t find the couple with these prior methods is because they weren’t married this July — they were married back in 2012!

The couple, Kristi and Bill Wilson, are event planners from Massachusetts who had bought a digital photo frame for Bill’s mother and filled it with their wedding photos as a gift to her. However, they thought it was broken, so they returned it.

“This is hilarious!” Kristi and Bill wrote on their joint company Facebook page, Pinnacle Event Partners. “Thank you everyone for sharing this story. We never lost our wedding photos thankfully, this is actually from a returned item we thought was broken . . . So heartwarming to know that people care so much.”

For over a week, the couple had no idea that their wedding picture had gone totally viral. “We were on vacation with no cell service, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have gone as far as it did,” Kristi told NBC News. “A friend finally called our landline and said, ‘You’re all over Facebook.’”

Meanwhile, Randy is thrilled that the mystery has been solved, but he’s not so thrilled about the mass amount of attention he’s getting from strangers on Facebook. “Glad it worked out,” he said on Tuesday, according to NBC News. “Now I just have to figure out how to stop all these friend requests.”

Seriously, social media is totally amazing at playing detective and finding solutions in record time. We’re glad there wasn’t a couple out there fretting about their lost wedding photos — and equally glad that there are people out there who care so much about ensuring the happiness of those they don’t even know. The world is a beautiful place, folks.

(Image via Facebook)

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