Would you accept a mystery pizza from James Corden and Seth Rogen?

Even though he’s not from here, James Corden is becoming a national treasure. From his hilarious bits to his incredible singing skills to his segments with celebrities like Seth Rogen and Dominic Cooper, James Corden is make sure we all know he’s here and we love it. Seriously, we’re kind of obsessed with his rap battles with Jennifer Hudson and friendship with heartthrob Harry Styles. Corden even made a rom-com with Anne Hathaway as a bit! How great is that?

In his most recent treat/attack for the public (okay, it’s not an attack, but sometimes he just springs celebrities on us and it is seriously nerve-wracking!), Corden brought Seth Rogen around to deliver pizza. And it was pretty fun to see!

Basically Seth and James just went to deliver pizza to people around Los Angeles and offered them what they ordered — or, if they were feeling adventurous, they could pick his new mystery pizza instead.

The catch? James Corden and Seth Rogen’s pizza might be a lot better — or it could be way worse.

The thing is: what would you chose? Stop and think about it. If James Corden had your pizza in his hand or one that you knew would include a whole bit, what would you end up choosing?

It’s a hard choice, but we might choose mystery just for the fun of it.

Then again, you’re risking losing the seriously delicious pizza that you’ve been waiting for. What if the one James Corden and Seth Rogen give you is just tomato sauce — or just a box of chopped jalapeño pepper toppings? One pizza box even contained a wrestling match!

Yep, you read that right. When one pizza-lover picked the mystery box, they got a wrestling match — and Corden enlisted his old roommate Dominic Cooper to help. So, it was just insanity.

But the real question is, did these people ever end up actually getting the pizza they ordered?

Watch the whole The Late Late Show segment to find out.


It seems like a fun time — and that Instagram party is definitely going to make some people jealous!

So what would you do? Would you take the pizza you’ve been waiting for or the mystery of whatever Seth and James had in store? The choice is up to you!