A mystery Oreo may be coming soon — and there’s a cash prize if you can guess the flavor

If the combo of dessert and dolla dolla bills interests you, listen up: Word on the snack streets is that a new limted-edition Oreo cookie is on the way, and — wait for it — there’s a hefty cash prize for whoever can guess the flavor.

Without fail, new Oreo flavors always get us pumped, but we gotta say, the lucky person who solves the cookie mystery will have to work hard for the money because the brand always comes up with the most unexpected varieties.

Srsly, those S’mores-flavored Oreo cookies are just one of the many fantastic options that have sent us to heaven and beyond — we can only imagine how this new cookie will taste.

As Cosmopolitan reports, the creme filling is “mystery-flavored.” The person with the winning guess will pocket $50,000 (!!!), which means you should probably get to brainstorming ASAP.

Instagram account Junkfood Aisle shared a look at the alleged package on Instagram, which leaves with us with even more questions.

"Coming Soon! Limited Edition Mystery Oreo!" the caption reads. "Chocolate Cookies with a Mystery Flavor Creme 🕵️🔎 No specific word on where or when, but my guess is soonish 😋 #thejunkfoodaisle."

Suspense and eager taste buds don’t really mesh well, so we’re hoping these cookies hit the shelves sooner than later.

Unfortunately, the cookie brand has yet to confirm this mysterious flavor or the contest, so we’ll just cross our fingers and continue snacking on any other Oreo flavors we can’t get our grubby paws on until they offer additional details.