Mystery note promised guy $300 to sit in a café all day. Here’s what happened.

In a café bookshelf on February of 2014, Jason Dang randomly discovered a note instructing him (or whoever found the note first) to wait in that exact spot all day long on May 27, 2015 —which was yesterday. The mysterious note promised $300 if Dang went through with it. So, what does one do when finding a note promising a bunch of money for sitting in a cafe from open to close?

After posting the note (which included a code) on to Reddit, Dang decided to go for it with the encouragement of fellow Reddit users, who kept reminding him to go back to the café on May 27th. Jason responded to his Reddit cheerleaders,“No worries, I have the date blocked out on my calendar and I’ll be there all day (seeing how the person who left the note gave no specific time) lets just hope he holds up his end of the deal.”

According to Telegraph, Dang showed up at the café “as soon as it opened and hung up a sign saying he was there.” He spent the entire time at the cafe working on his laptop while waiting for the person who penned the note, and posted a photo of the cafe on to Imgur paired with the caption, “Alright reddit, I’m here to deliver…it’s gonna be a long day.” The image gathered over 2,500,000 views —but most importantly, did he ever see the $300?

Well, not exactly. But he did make a lot of friends, generous friends who were impressed by Dang’s dedication and wanted to help out and encourage him in all kinds of ways. The Telegraph reports a user from Reddit came to the cafe and gave him ten bucks for sticking it out—and hey, that’s like three coffees right there. Dang was also given three pizzas and gift cards to use at the cafe. A gaming site called Screw Attack discovered what Dang was doing and decided to gift him with free merch, and one Reddit user even handed over $300 in Monopoly money.

Dang might have not collected $300 in cash, and he might have not met the mystery human who left the note, but he did find an awesome community on the Internet who supported the chance he took for $300. And that’s just priceless. Images via Imgur