That mystery girl Justin Bieber was trying to find on Instagram? She responded.

Yesterday, the Internet was freaking out about a real-live Instagram Cinderella story, starring Justin Bieber as Prince Charming. Here’s what happened: Bieber found this girl’s photo, was quite taken with the snap and wanted to know who the fair damsel in question, you know, was.

Instagram users quickly helped identify the lady in question as Cindy Kimberly, an Instagram user whose following increased to 230K as the Internet caught word that the mystery had been solved and the girl had been found .

So what does Cindy say about being suddenly thrust into the spotlight?

Yesterday, she posted a Instagram of a pale pink square, which we guess she’s leaving open to interpretation, with the statement “I so do not know how to deal with this.” She also explained that she’s just on Instagram right now, implying that anyone pretending to be her on Twitter and Tumblr is doing just that- pretending. Though if you go on Insta, there are already a number of accounts pretending to by Cindy- so FYI, WolfieCindy is the real deal, all others are impostors.

We totally get why Cindy would be overwhelmed- it’s a crazy thing to all of a sudden have hundreds of thousands of people putting you under the microscope. We hope that things calm down for her in the near future (the Internet will move on, as it always does) and this whole situation will stop being so stressful and transform into the raddest of fairy tale memories.

(Images via Instagram)

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