Mysterious clouds have captivated the Internet

On Costa Rica’s Independence Day, the sky helped citizens celebrate with a gorgeous natural phenomenon.

In various cities, residents looked up at the sky and were forced to do a double-take. Rather than a simple rainbow or cloud-shaped like a dinosaur, what they saw was this: a stunning concoction of luminosity, clouds, and multicolored hues. While many locals found the display to be simply breathtaking, others felt that it was quite ominous and believed that it looked like the end of the world was upon us. Then again, there were those who thought that UFOs were behind it.

Fortunately, there were no alien invasions in sight. According to meteorologist Eladio Solano, it was actually a weather-related occurrence known as “cloud iridescence” (which is the prettiest thing we’ve ever heard). It is caused by water droplets and ice crystals that are housed inside a cloud. When the sun’s rays hit these liquid formations, the light refracts off and causes a psychedelic glow to permeate the surrounding skies. 

If this is just another one of Mother Nature’s tricks, we are definitely playing along. Not only that – but we want more of it. I mean, could you imagine if the entire sky was filled with iridescent clouds? It would  look like a heavenly dream come to life.

Now, we’re hoping that some cloud iridescence makes its way to our skies.

[Images via Instagram]


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