This gender equality campaign is all about making feminism for everybody

Of course, we’re ALWAYS down for a gender equality crusade, but we’re particularly excited for the Ms. Foundation for Women’s #MyFeminismIs campaign, which seeks to promote the most inclusive possible version of the movement.

The campaign’s intro video features people of all different backgrounds telling us what feminism means to them.

“People have their own impression of what feminism was about,” explains Teresa C. Younger, the president and CEO of the Ms. Foundation at the start of the video. “People often felt that the word itself left out the history, or left out individual voices, and it was oftentimes defined in the media by white men, and at the end of the day, when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m a black woman, and I didn’t know quite where I fit in that.”

The voices in the video belong to men and women who advocate for social justice who acknowledge that in the past, “feminism” has been a movement that has largely benefitted cis, white, straight women, but looking toward the future, hope to see the movement shift in an intersectional direction and become the most inclusive possible version of itself. Though #MyFeminismIs embraces individuals defining the movement for themselves, the Ms. Foundation defines feminism as “the social, economic, and political equality of ALL genders.” Now that’s a definition we can all get behind.

Check out the intro video to #MyFeminismIs below:


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(Image via The Ms. Foundation)

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