“My Super Sweet Sixteen” is coming back but with a twist!

2017 is off to an excellent start. MTV’s reality TV classic My Super Sweet 16 is coming back to TV.

The show, which first aired in 2005, followed extremely wealthy teens (even Jennifer Lawrence!), as they planned their sweet 16 birthday parties. Of course, the show folded in countless dramas, launched by their entitled parents, dress melt-downs, tantrums over meaningless details, and celebrity tie-ins.

But the My Super Sweet Sixteen reboot isn’t limiting itself to teens.

“MTV cordially invites you to My Super Sweet…an extraordinary television event featuring the most important day of your life marked by the greatest of celebrations – Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, Debutante Ball, Debut, or any other coming of age milestone event — if it’s going to be lit, we want to know about it!”

“We want to showcase the most Instagram-enviable celebrations ever seen.”

Potential applicants need only be as young as 13 to apply, but there’s no upper age limit.

However, interested parties (pun!) must be “the most popular, outrageous, glitzy, girl [or] boy” who are “planning extravagant parties that will show the world just how #blessed they really are!”

Your wedding counts. Your premiere party for that one-line costar role you filmed last year counts. Basically, any excuse you can dream up counts, as long as you are super dramatic and self-centered. So get on it!

Or, maybe troll the whole thing and plan a giant act of kindness as your milestone event! Booyah!