Why my mother is my ultimate BFF

I’m sure most of us can think of one time or another—most likely during our adolescent years—where we groaned and told our mothers to go away. You’re embarrassing me! You’re ruining my life! I hate you! Only to have your mother stand strong and wait out the storm. That was the case with my mother, anyway. Her forgiveness knows no bounds. This is why as I became an adult, I could recognize how unique and wonderful the mother/daughter relationship is.

There is no friendship as solid as the one I have with my mother. Relationships change, life changes, but it’s comforting to know that throughout all of it, my mother is a constant. Her love is unconditional, her support is unwavering. Our mothers have been with us since Day One—a day you’ll never remember and she’ll never forget! With Mother’s Day here, we should all take the time to appreciate these women who have shaped (and given us) our lives. If you are as lucky as I am, you’ve got yourself a friend like no other. Here’s why:

She knows me better than anyone else

My mother can sense when I’m angry, tired, or frustrated. A tone of voice that might offend others she knows is just a reflection of how I’m feeling. She also can recognize what will bring me joy. When I’m wrapped up in my own emotions, it’s hard to be objective. My mother can always be the voice of reason. When times are tough, she’ll know what I should do to make myself feel better. She’ll be the one to tell me to put down the cookie dough and put on my sneakers. And usually, I’ll listen.

She puts my needs before her own.

It’s hard to imagine being so selfless. If I order something off of a menu that I end up not liking, she’ll switch meals with me. When there is only one jacket left in the store that we both want, she’ll let me have it. If I need a ride home, she’ll arrange her schedule to make it work. Her life is hectic in her own right, but she’ll drop everything to fly across the country and help me with my apartment move. She’s the friend I can always count on.

I can share my secrets with her.

Sometimes you just need to spill it! With my mom, I’m never afraid that what I tell her will get out. Half the time, she’s the perfect outlet to share the office gossip with, because she doesn’t know who the people I’m talking about even are. But, she’ll do her best to act interested. The other times, when sharing personal information about myself, I know I can tell her because there won’t be any judgment on her end. She’s the cheapest therapist there is!

She wants me to be happy above all else

I moved across the country to pursue a career in television writing. While it is not the easiest of feats, we both want it to happen. My happiness and hers are one in the same. This is what she always tells me—she’s happy when I’m happy. We have a shared goal, which is helpful on the days when I’d rather watch TV than write it. She’ll be there to give me that kick in the sweatpants that I need!

We have a lot in common

You’ve probably seen a pillow, a magnet, a figurine, or some other knick-knack that expresses disdain with the sentiment of “Oh no! I’m turning into my mother” on it. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized that we are very similar. I haven’t yet found the coaster saying “Thank god, I’m becoming like my mother,” but that is the one I’d buy!.She has so many great qualities, and the more that I can share, the better a person I will be. Our aligned thinking also makes us great travel companions—we can easily agree on an itinerary. We both love to exercise and think a 7 am hike is the perfect way to start the day. We like to get new things, but neither of us love to shop. And, she is my favorite person to eat out with, because we always pick the same menu items making it fun to share.

I can call her anytime

When you live in Los Angeles, you spend a lot of your time in a car. I often want company on my rides and my mother is usually that person. I call her daily, sometimes two, three times, and even if nothing new has happened, we can find something to talk about! She is my go-to person if I have good news or bad. Even though I am way beyond crying out that “I want my Mommy!” I’ll still hear that voice whenever I get hurt or in trouble. I know that it’s illogical to call her in New Jersey before calling AAA in the middle of the night when I have a flat tire in Los Angeles, but she’ll still pick up the phone, and just hearing her voice will calm me down. Even though she goes to bed ridiculously early, she’s never gotten angry by one of my wake up calls.

We make each other laugh.

It takes a lot for my Mom to laugh out loud. I’ve tried to watch many a comedies with her and while I’ve got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard, she’ll be sitting there with an “I don’t get why this is funny,” expression on her face. But, I can make her laugh. She thinks I’m funny. I’d like to believe she’s not the only one but either way, it’s good for my ego. She can’t pull off sarcasm and I’ve never heard her tell a joke, but she can make me laugh as well. Only my mom can manage to pronounce almost everything, even the simplest of names, incorrectly. She’s like the teacher in Key & Peele’s substitute teacher sketch.

From living in the same house to living on opposite coasts, the strength of our relationship has never weakened. She is my best friend, my oldest friend (both in length of time and age!) and my favorite person in the whole world. Thank you Mom, for being my friend.

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