My Mom Said She Hoped I Was Gifted – I Thought She Meant With Telepathy

I walked into my second grade classroom and took my seat. Looked around at my classmates. Simpletons, all! Talking, passing notes, making noise. No reverence. How dare they?! No, I didn’t mean for the teacher. But for the force of nature that sat in their presence. Me. Oh, did they not know yet? They were about to find out.

I locked my eyes on my teacher’s head and concentrated. Suddenly a thought came to my mind: She would soon ask us to turn in last night’s homework. Did I know this because it was always the first thing she said in the morning? No! I knew because I had penetrated her mind. I WAS A TELEPATH.

My mom, in hopes of encouraging me to express any giftedness I might be hiding, had told me about “the special schools”. I didn’t need to listen to the whole explanation. I immediately knew what she was talking about. A place where I’d learn to use my mind waves to lift things and start fires. I still thought telepathy and telekinesis were same thing. Oh, youth.

I had already guessed that my “normal people” schoolteacher was the path of entry into these special schools. She was a government agent, passing the time by educating my classmates but really keeping an eye out for the next generation of gifted children who would rule this country.

Had my mom told me about the special schools while I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation the night before? Had last night’s episode heavily featured Counselor Deanna Troi and her abilities to sense feelings? And was I, at that moment in my classroom, imagining how good I’d look in a purple skintight unitard and bouncy hair? Hmmm, can’t remember, but why would those things matter? Anyway…

That’s when it happened. My teacher quieted the class, and asked us to pass forward our homework. Wow, I was already so good.

Is this what superman felt like the first time he flew?

I bounded up to the teacher. I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face. She had found me.

“Mrs. G,” I said, tapping her on her back. She turned and smiled. I was a favorite. “I knew you were going to say that,” I said. She looked confused. The shock must have been too much for her. She couldn’t accept the reality. “When you said to pass up our homework…” Then I put two fingers on my head and gave her the titled-chin-raised-eyebrows combo. “…I knew you were going to say that.”

Why was her face blank? “Oh, okay Lissette. Thank you,” is all she said.

What happened? Why didn’t she know? Why wasn’t I being taken away to a special school, with special people, instead of having to stay here where I was only the teacher’s pet and smart girl? I longed to be the teacher’s pet and smart girl who could lift chairs with her mind. Doesn’t it seem like Telekinesis/Telepathy should be a package deal?

I guessed that the government couldn’t trust her with their secret information of Telepathy School. I’d have to wait.

How would you use Telepathy or Telekinesis for evil? If forced, how would you use them for good? Tell me in the comments section!

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