This restaurant is serving a “My Little Pony”-themed brunch

What if you could eat brunch, but for a good cause? Sounds like a perfect way to kick off the weekend. But wait, there’s more…what if your brunch was My Little Pony themed? Quick, gather all your bronies and get to The Horny Ram in NYC, because this is a limited-edition offering.

The Horny Ram came up with the ~PoNy NeGrOnI~ (yes, that’s the official title) in honor of Negroni Week. It‘s an event designed to raise money for different charities by putting a spin on the cocktail. The best part about this particular negroni is that it comes with a My Little Pony figurine as a garnish!

But wait, there’s more. It’s not only about imbibing a delicious gin-based cocktail before noon.

There’s a waffle, too! Specifically, a rainbow-colored waffle.

Topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, this waffle shows off all the colors one could need in a My Little Pony universe. Is it a little bit like living all your elementary-school-age dreams, but with alcohol? Sure. But that’s the best part about adulthood!

We’re not saying you have to come to The Horny Ram decked out in your MLP gear this weekend, but we’re not not saying that. It’ll be serving brunch magic this weekend only, so if you’ve got a hankering for waffles and you’re in the area, why not try it?

Worst case scenario, you come away with a sugar rush and a new adorable Twilight Sparkle figurine to add to your collection.

And really, when it’s for such a good cause, how can you resist? Last year’s Negroni Week raised around $400,000 for charities. Some of this year’s featured charities include food banks and cancer research foundations. So go ahead and pony up some cash for brunch this weekend! It’ll be good for your soul to indulge in a little magic, and good for the world, too.

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