My Life Is Just As Fabulous As Bey’s

So I might not be a famous pop singer. I might not be married to Jay-Z. I don’t have a kid named Blue Ivy and I didn’t tangle my weave in an exhaust fan while I continued to perform on stage.

But my life is just as fabulous as Beyoncé’s.

I recently started following Beyonce’s tumblr after seeing pictures of Blue Ivy petting Sunny Obama at Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party. Looking at Blue Ivy approach the pup and touch its little round head brought a tear to my eye. Why did I feel so many emotions for someone’s kid I’ve never met?

It’s so strange to know that I can be close to any celebrity by following them on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram. In the past, there was only the paparazzi photos. It’d be some celebrity walking to their car with an over-sized cup of Starbucks iced coffee and wearing some ridiculous ensemble that included a pair of sweatpants and an ironic t-shirt. I felt so detached. I watched some celebrity scrub out and walk down the street to their car. It wasn’t interesting. It wasn’t real to me, but that was all you ever saw.

Nowadays, the candidness of a celebrity’s private life has become so bare. Celebrities like Beyoncé make it easier for me to pry into their personal lives. Instead of being the awkward stranger watching from a distance, I’m actually there. I’m standing next to Beyoncé and watching Blue Ivy pet the first dog. I’m smiling as her curiosity about a pup named Sunny is satisfied when she pats his head. When I look at Beyoncé’s tumblr, I don’t see her walking down the red carpet in couture. I see pictures of Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday party. I see her wearing a batman mask at a Target in the middle of nowhere. I see her just as she woke up without any make up on her face. I see pictures of her and Jay-Z and I think, “Wow, they really love each other.”

What’s great about the Internet is that it humanizes us and makes us real. It’s not just celebrity privilege, but everyone in the world. We are no longer entities passing through life unrecognized. Somewhere in the world, there’s someone taking a photo of their morning coffee. It may not be Beyoncé’s cup, but someone took it with the intention of remembering it. We may come across it on the Internet and be transported to that moment. We get to breathe in the heavy scent of roasted beans and feel the warmth of the mug on our hands.

We get to experience and cherish that moment like it was our own. We have the chance to show the world that life can be just as beautiful and simple as a celebrity’s life. And then I realized something. I realized that my life is just as fabulous as Beyoncé’s. I write my thoughts, I take pictures, and I post it to the Internet. I go to different counties. I eat really weird foods and even when I’m riding a Segway in Savannah, GA, I remember how it made me feel to be in that moment. I live my life like Beyoncé. I may not be famous, but that’s never been the prerequisite for me to take risks and be happy. I know what I want; I want to live and write about it. I know who I love and I don’t regret the choices I’ve made. Maybe people won’t fawn over pictures of me, but does that really matter?

All that matters to me is that I wake up every morning with the opportunity to shape my day. I can spend it in my bed with my covers up to my chin reading classic novels and drinking hot tea. I can step outside and let a myriad of worldly events take place in front of me. Some of it may be really mundane and some of it may change my life. It doesn’t matter what happens because that day is another day that I am alive. I may not be going to some glamorous party at night and my boyfriend might not whisk me off for a weekend in the south of France, but I will get the chance to document it; to write it down, take a photo of it, and share it with my friends and the world.

Even after all the bulls**t of fame and paparazzi, Beyoncé’s life is simple. She’s a human being willing to share her universe with you and I am a human being willing to share my universe with you. You can always drink champagne. You can always splurge on that one Kate Spade bag you’ve been eyeing. Perhaps you’ll even ride in a private jet one day, but if you don’t, it doesn’t mean that your life isn’t just as fabulous as hers. We all see the same night sky and we all watch the same sun rise. We may be at different points in our lives, but in the end, it’s the same beautiful journey.

And it doesn’t take much. All the tools you need are there: know who you are, know how to love and carry the occasional camera to take pictures of it all.

Simone is a 29-year-old lady practicing the delicate art of procrastination. She calls herself a professional dreamer, music appreciator, handmade enthusiast, real book activist, and part-time moonlighting freelance writer on the side maybe. During the day, she works for a prominent website as a support operations specialist. She lives and breathes in Brooklyn, NY. You can find her on Tumblr and Twitter @youropenpalms because she is addicted to the Internet. She also hates cats.

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