My Grandma Is My Best Friend

I have come to realization that my grandmother has become my best friend in every sense of the word. I am not quite sure how to take this. Don’t get me wrong, my Gram is super cool, we even used to watch Desperate Housewives together. I guess she really wasn’t that cool because she made me cover my eyes during the dirty parts. Anyway, I came to this realization during my first month of college.

A few weeks earlier, my boyfriend had broken up with me: idiot. I was in college, alone, depressed and still very dependent on this idiot. We were inseparable and it was quite the shock that he wanted to break it off. I had expected to go to college and see as aforementioned idiot on the weekends. I knew I was going to make new collegiate friends, but if I didn’t, at least I had the idiot’s cozy bed to lie down on and watch movies. Within a week, that bed was yanked right from underneath me. Now, I felt truly alone and I no longer had than comfy bed to fall back on, figuratively or literally. All I had was the cold metal desks in the library.

You may start asking, how does this all relate to my adorable grandmother? Well, she had just recently got texting on her cell phone. Being the sweet lady that she is, she knew that I was going through a difficult time and would text me every day to see how I was doing. Not sure what to actually tell my gram and what to keep to myself, I would text back a simple, “Okay. Thanks”. I started getting braver and realized it was nice having someone with wisdom to talk to. I started telling her more and more of my feelings. I pretty much told her everything, minus some steamy stories ( I decided cute little grandma didn’t need to hear those). Well, everyday she was my texting buddy. She would send me little inspirational quotes like the fortune on a fortune cookie. You’d swear the woman was Oprah, the moving things she would say to me.

It was all a good thing until one day in my Economics class. I looked up from texting grammy and saw all my classmates texting as well. Using my mediocre cheating skills, I tried my best to look at my female peers’ phones to see who they were texting. I was hoping to see a few “Grams”, “Grandmas” or “Nanas”. I would have even taken a “Mama”. To my disgruntled horror, the only names I saw were those of boys like “Ryan”, “Justin”, and “Blake”. I could only assume they were all drop dead gorgeous athletes. In my mind I sat there envisioning Ryan, who came to my house to get a drink of water after a long day of practice. Of course, he then removed his shirt to reveal his glistening six pack abs. BUZZ BUZZ. Coming back to reality, I realize my phone had awakened me from my beautiful daydream. I look and it is a text that says, “I Love You”, from no one other than my adorable gram. I automatically feel dirty about my daydream. I bet grandma knew!

That’s when it hit me, my gram was no longer just the lady that got my surprisingly accurate Christmas presents, I had now turned her into my best friend. I had realized I was almost just as excited when my gram texted me as I would be is my imagined Ryan did. I then saw how this was unfair to my gram. I needed her as my super cool and hip grandma, not someone I am so dependent on. I was abusing her affection. Now, I still talk to my gram every day. Rather than whine, I tell her about school and the new people I am meeting. If you are a fellow grandma, grandpa, mom or dad texter, don’t worry. You may think everyone with their faces shoved into their phones are texting their hunky one true love. Actually, probably half of them are playing temple run to pass the time, but that’s another story. There are definitely a few others out there, just like you and me, texting their gram back, “I Love You Too”.

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