My Dream Welding: A Man and His Undying Love of Pinterest

As an avid user of Pinterest, it bugs me to hear friends or internet folk say they won’t try the site because it’s “too girly.” But just like any other social media site, Pinterest can be anything we make it. There’s a lot more to it than Ryan Gosling showing his abs, but it’s also got plenty of that if that’s what you’re looking for. And I think when you get right down to it, Ryan Gosling’s abs and steely gaze can be appreciated by everyone.

I’m fine if liking Pinterest makes me “girly.” Would a girly man be able to do TEN push-ups without using his knees? Would a girly man do a Google Image Search for pictures of steaks and red meats? It doesn’t matter! Pintest is fun, so enough with the gender bulls**t.

I propose an idea to bridge that Pinterest gap and make it more accessible. It’s a simple but effective solution that I put to the test the other day. I created a board for my pins called “My Dream Welding,” and I went hog wild posting Pinterest’s best welding pictures. There were actually a surprising amount of pictures of people welding. Individuals fusing metals together with fire, presented in a format familiar to those already on Pinterest discussing their dream weddings. A cultural gap successfully bridged by me. A job well done if I do say so myself. Then, it was just a matter of time until all my new Pinterest buddies were checking out my page and finding themselves as hooked on the site as I was. I could practically taste the champagne and caviar I would receive by the truckload at exclusive Hollywood parties reserved only for Pinterest superstars.

But no one came.

Had I failed to engage a wider audience with my pins? Or were those who disliked Pinterest too stubborn to be swayed? Before I had a chance to ask anymore questions, I noticed someone had commented on my pin. Was it P. Diddy giving my welding pics props? Miley Cyrus inviting me to an exclusive fancy party in the United States? No. It was from a complete stranger. She simply said “these welding pins made my night. Thank you.” I realized my priorities were all out of whack. I wasn’t on the site to get Pinterfamous. I was pinning up a storm to make Pinterest a nicer place for all, but mostly for fun. I think I made Pinterest a more fun place for two people (me and the lady). My job was done. BUT, if you think I’m going to hang up my Pinterest hat already, you have mush for brains. Pinterest is my canvas. And my dumb pins are the paint I slop all over it. I still have much more to do on Pinterest. This is only the beginning. Stay tuned.

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