Today in rom-coms: ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ is getting a TV reboot

A Julia Roberts rom-com is becoming a TV show, and let’s make this a new TV show trend. It’s also not just any Julia Roberts rom-com but THE Julia Roberts rom-com of the ’90s. Argue with me if you want, but My Best Friend’s Wedding is one of the best rom-coms of all time.

It stars Roberts as a food critic Jules who made a pact with her college BFF to get married at age 28 if they don’t find anyone else (hey, it was the ’90s). Dermot Mulroney plays the BFF, Michael, who unfortunately for Jules, found a different love of his life. Now Michael and Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) are getting married. Jules has no chill about this.

The movie ends with Jules letting Michael go, and then she dances the night away with her new BFF, George (Rupert Everett). According to The Hollywood Reporter, this new ABC TV show will pick up after those events, and find Jules and George together in New York City, as she’s “navigating her life.” He better still break out into song from time to time.

The original writer of MBFW, Ron Bass, is coming back to write the TV show, so we can rest easy because he knows what he’s doing. While the TV show won’t be an adaption of the movie, but rather a continuation, this is still a perfect time to look back at our favorite MBFW moments, and wish, and hope, and pray they somehow make it into this new show.

Everything George does

Maybe George is the real star of the movie, because everything he does is golden. He goes along with Jules’ plan to pretend that the two of them are engaged. He breaks out into song. He gives Jules life advice at her most desperate times. And then, he shows up at the very end to sweep her off her feet. And his line to Jules, “I should have stopped in all my evil planning to have a manicure.”

When Jules and Michael are on the boat

It’s the last time they’ll be together before Michael gets married, and Jules is like thisclose to confessing that she loves him. He comments that sometimes moments simply “pass you by” and Jules misses her chance to admit her feelings for him. And then, the two of them share a dance to their song, “The Way You Look Tonight.”

And then that’s the song Jules later “lends out” to Michael and Kimmy for their wedding because AWWWWW.

The wedding ring fail

Being the best friend, Jules gets to hold Kimmy’s wedding ring. She immediately tries it on. And then gets it stuck on her finger, of course.

How Michael chases Kimmy, while Jules is chasing Michael

Finally, Jules confesses her love for Michael! But Kimmy sees it. Kimmy starts running, and then Michael starts running after Kimmy, and then Jules runs after Michael. This is when George, over the phone, offers up the best piece of advice: “Who’s chasing you. Nobody, get it? There’s your answer.”

Say A Little Prayer

You probably don’t know all the words to many Dionne Warwick songs, but you most certainly know all the words to “Say A Little Prayer.” You probably even know the impromptu dance that the lobsters do in the background of the scene. And you’ve spent your entire life wondering when an entire restaurant will break out into song for you. 

The second best song of the movie: “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself

Jules, still scheming to break up the marriage, takes Michael and Kimmy to a karaoke bar because Kimmy HATES this kind of stuff. Then Jules basically peer pressures Kimmy into singing, and she does an awful job. But! This makes Michael fall even more in love with Kimmy! Nice work, Jules. Didn’t see that one coming.

And Julia Roberts’ hair

It’s basically its own character in the movie. It was long, it was curly, it was everywhere, and it was the best. Anyone else try to convince their mom to let them get a perm because of Jules’ hair? Also can this new TV show take place in the late ’90s so we can get all this awesome ’90s nostalgia like giant flip phones? Just an idea.

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