Must-Try Green Teas for First Time Drinkers

Ha! Green Tea! I can’t believe that after all the years I’ve spent hating it, it has become my savior and my friend (it helped me lose 35 kilos but that is a different story for another time). If you told me two years ago that I would love green tea, I would have laughed in your face. I used to really despise green tea, but now, I think I sort of have a relationship with it.

I know it’s now a current trend to add green tea to your diet because of its many health benefits (nothing has been truly tested of course), but tea is naturally good for you, whether it’s black, white or green. Also – and this is coming from someone who lived an unhealthy life filled with frappes, juice boxes, chocolate drinks, and sodas – it’s truly a wonderful alternative to what you are currently drinking. Aside from water. Water is always a better option.

Green tea will taste really horrible for first time drinkers, and unless you are very dedicated to altering your lifestyle, you won’t succumb to it. But the key to loving this tea is to start with the enjoyable ones, and after my years of finding the right kind of tea, I have found a couple of green teas that will make you want to drink it just because it tastes good. I am no expert, but who doesn’t love drinks that taste good? Apparently, nobody. Don’t be a hypocrite.

The goal here is to be able to enjoy green tea whilst reaping its benefits. You need to consume a minimum of six tea bags everyday to get all the things that this tea has to offer. If you want to start drinking green tea but can’t endure the taste, these are the ones I’ve found to be quite delightful:

4. Twinings Earl Grey Green Tea, Mint Green Tea, and Lemon Green Tea

I have grouped these teas together since they are the same brand, but I highly recommend the Earl Grey Green Tea much more. The aroma of bergamot is much more distinctive than the powerful taste of the green tea leaves. If you like it minty, you will find the Mint Green Tea to be refreshing, which is good if you like drinking your tea after eating (which is supposed to be after an hour by the way, if you don’t want the tea to break down the iron from your food). The flavor on the Lemon Green Tea is not strong enough to mask the bitterness of it, but it is still lemony.

3. PG Tips Lemon Green Tea

The lemon here is very pronounced. You will forget what you are drinking, even if you leave the tea bag in. Because of that, you can enjoy this one iced, if you prefer your tea that way.

2. Tchaba Fruit Passion and Rosa

Tchaba Teas are fantastic, but Fruit Passion is my favorite one. It is sweet – perfect for my cravings, and very aromatic that once again, you will forget that it’s green tea. I am not very fond of rose-flavored anything but Rosa is an exception. There is just a hint of the rose flavor and the lemongrass blends with it very well. You will also get the benefit of white tea with this one since it’s a combination of both teas.

1. Yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim-Life

Green tea will not make you lose weight. You will still need to watch what you eat and that is the key to being healthier. You can eat anything as long as it’s in moderation. So losing weight is not the reason why this is my number one. I am a blueberry addict, so sue me. This tea is perfectly sweet and the aroma and color is very blueberry-ish – it’s like drinking blueberries. It has added Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract (a fad diet thing nowadays if I am right) but I don’t really care for that. This is on top because of its taste and the way it calms me down. This one will make you truly enjoy sipping your tea, and believe me, drinking green tea used to be an obligation and a marathon for me, but discovering this one made it a privilege.

So there you have it, the green teas that give me so much delight. Drinking normal green tea is still a lot better, however. The raw and bitter flavor will grow on you, you just have to keep at it. I felt so much more alive and in touch with my surroundings since I switched to drinking teas instead of my usual sweet coffee and other drinks. If you have any green tea discovery of your own, please share it, I would love to get to know them. I am always on the hunt for new ones.

Mhaey is a twenty-something girl from the Philippines who lives in the Middle East. She is one of those underutilized romantic resource. She drinks green tea, is perpetually in love with books, and is very fond of walking. An introvert who laughs a lot – she believes that she has multiple parallel selves and one of them is currently riding the drama train towards happy town. She wants to live inside a Blue Box. You can read her thoughts about nonsensical things that annoys her at Twitter or if you want to look at her SuperWhoLock obsession and other random rants and fandoms, visit her at

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