This hilarious “Luke Cage” video makes the Netflix superhero drama look like “Family Matters”

Luke Cage is the latest of the awesome Marvel shows to hit Netflix, and everyone has been talking about it. It stars the handsome and brooding Mike Colter as the superhero Luke, who fights crime using his superhuman strength and unbreakable skin. Now, one fan of the series has cut a different kind of credits sequence together for the show, and it is totally hilarious.

This recut of Luke Cage makes it look like the opening credits of Family Matters, and it’s magical.

So fabulous. We can’t believe that in a dark show like Luke Cage they could find enough moments that play like a sitcom, but they did.

They totally nailed the smiling, somewhat cheesy intros for each of the characters.


Simone Missick, who plays fellow superhero Misty Knight, totally looks like she’s entering to say some ridiculous joke.

And the little feature of “Turkel” aka Turk Barrett played by Rob Morgan was a stroke of genius.


Because you can’t do a Family Matters spoof without an Urkel reference!

But it was this moment from Luke Cage himself that will have us watching over and over again.

Seriously, we could stare at that cheeky grin until the end of time!

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