This Muslim woman shared a beautiful story about how an ally helped her pray, and we’re definitely crying

Sometimes, you just need something a little lighter to boost your spirits. Especially in dark, stressful times like these, we get the feeling! So when we saw this Muslim woman’s beautiful story of what a true ally for Muslims looks like, we immediately got teary-eyed. Because, wow. Maybe there is hope, no matter how small, if we put in the time and effort it takes to learn how to be allies and support each other.

On popular Facebook page Muslims Everyday, Samantha, a Muslim woman from Boston, Massachusetts, shared her incredibly moving story. She wrote,

"My husband and i attended a football game, it was Duhur time and we needed to pray. Finding a place to pray at a football stadium is tough, but we managed to find an empty corner. I was a bit nervous to pray because it wasn't private at all, particularly in front of everyone, maybe i'm silly but i'm always paranoid i will get attacked while focused in prayer.

But things didn’t go as she anticipated. She continued,

"My husband started praying and i get approached by stadium security. I thought in my head, here comes this guy, he's gonna escort me out and tell us we can't do this here. I was wrong, he came up to me and said 'i am going to stand here and guard you guys to make sure nobody gives you any problems, go ahead and pray.'"

Yeah. We told you this was tear-worthy. Especially given the rise of hate crimes against Muslims and the general rise of hate crimes following Trump’s election, this small light feels so, so bright. She explained,

"He allowed us to pray and stood in front guarding us to make sure we are safe. When i finished he came up to us shook our hands and told us to enjoy the game. SubahanAllah, an amazing experience i will never forget."

We haven’t felt this feeling of hope for our country in what feels like ages.

The story’s reach continued, as it was shared on Twitter and immediately went viral.

With 13k retweets and 20k likes, clearly we weren’t the only people moved by this story.

The internet was overwhelmed with gratitude for this Muslim woman’s story, and hope for our future as a country.

But it doesn’t end with a retweet. Learn how to be a better ally to Muslims, and to all marginalized groups, especially in this trying time. Our political climate is tense, and, honestly, pretty scary for lots of people, and we need to be ready to speak out and protect each other as necessary.