superstar Kristen Hancher has a new show, and she told us all about the funniest moment on set

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of great TV shows in your Netflix (and Hulu, Amazon, and HBO Go) queues? Yeah, us too. That’s why we’re sorry to do this to you, but 18-year-old superstar Kristen Hancher recently launched a comedic web series on YouTube, so pop some more popcorn because you’ve got binging to do.

The show is called Misshaps, and it stars Canada-native Hancher — who has nearly 15 million followers on the video-making app — as a high school student with the world’s worst luck. In it, Hancher is funny and physical, a feat for someone who’s just getting serious about the acting game.

We had a chance to ask Hancher about the show and what’s next for her skyrocketing career.