Music Video PREMIERE: ‘Willing To Lose’ by The Wellspring

We’ve all heard the lines: “I just need some space” and “I need to be alone and figure myself out before I can love someone.”

This song by my band, The Wellspring, tackles those questions we’ve asked at some point in a breakup. My partner in this folk/pop duo, Talia Osteen, writes some beautiful poems and then hands ’em to me to write music to them. We then work on both elements together and we’re very excited to share what we’ve come up with…our first LP – The Girl Who Cried Sheep – which is now available on iTunes! In the spirit of sharing, here is the lyric video for our first single, “Willing To Lose.”

Thanks so much to HelloGiggles for hosting us to premiere this video to you all! HG is no stranger to posting exclusive content and we love when they post about new bands.

Hear more from The Wellspring.

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