This 2003 music video is basically the inspiration for “Baby Driver”

We realize it just hit movie theaters last week, but as it turns out there’s a music video that’s basically Baby Driver in three and a half minutes. In case you’re wondering why wasn’t it featured along with all the other Baby Driver trailers, that’s because it’s from 2003, right around the time the film’s director Edward Wright came up with the story for his heart-stopping crime thriller.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Wright played around with the music and car chase combo of Baby Driver when he directed a video for British electronica group Mint Royale’s “Blue Song.”  

Much like the film, the “Blue Song” video follows a mysterious getaway car driver who rocks out to music on the job. Instead of switching on his iPod playlist like Baby Driver‘s lead actor Ansel Elgort, the lead musician listens to his jams on a portable CD player while his passengers pull off a bank heist.

We are totally digging these visuals, and the song is pretty cool, too! The main difference between the music video and Baby Driver is the fact that we don’t actually get to see this guy pull off any gnarly driving stunts.

Still, we can’t deny that everything about it looks incredibly cool, from the getaway chic fashions and carefree attitude to the over-the-top, behind-the-wheel dance moves.

For anyone who hasn’t made time to go and see Baby Driver, putting Mint Royale’s music video on repeat beforehand should definitely get you in the mood for some music and heart-stopping action scenes.