Brace yourselves — a Museum of Pizza is coming to New York City

Not like you needed another excuse to check out New York City this fall, but in case you’re already sketching out your itinerary, you might want to make some room. A new pop up museum is set to open that celebrates one of our all-time favorite foods — pizza.

Nameless Network, a company that creates videos, is officially launching The Museum of Pizza, which is set to open for business between October 13th and October 28th this year. According to Eater, it’s the latest of “Instagram backdrop [machines] marketed as a museum,” similar to 2016’s popular Museum of Ice Cream. And uh, we’re down.

"Pizza's f*cking amazing — always has been, always will be. But it's also more than a tasty epiphany of cheese, dough, and sauce — it's a uniter, a universal language, a cultural exclamation point," the museum's website states. "To satisfy our dreams (and perhaps yours too?), we knew pizza needed more than another slice shop or glowing restaurant — it needed a museum. An epic museum."

Nameless Network also noted that New York will be the museum’s “first stop” which definitely seems to imply it will be traveling to other cities at some point. And while we don’t yet know much about the “exhibits,” we do know there will be a pizza cave, a pizza beach, a pizza fun house, and of course, an interactive history of pizza. Because museums are all about expanding our minds.

Pre-sale tickets are currently being sold on their website for $35, and it’s a good idea to grab a few. We have a feeling this is going to sell out ASAP.

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